Shoreline Amateur Radio Club

  • Welcome to the Shoreline Amateur Radio Club, FCC License – W1BCG.

    The Shoreline Amateur Radio Club, fondly known as ‘The Club’ was formed in 1964 to promote the hobby of amateur radio with enthusiasts in lower Middlesex County in Connecticut.

    The club has a long history of camaraderie within the hobby and repeater support for the Connecticut Amateur Radio Emergency Service CT ARES and National Weather Service’s Skywarn Program

    The primary goal is to have fun conversations, on and off the air while promoting safe activities.

    Our members come from all types of careers while enjoying the many aspects of the hobby; HF – VHF / UHF Band while using Morse Code, Single Side Band, Analog and Digital Communications.

  • We work closely with the Westbrook Foundation as they administer and allocate funds associated with the Shoreline ARC Scholarship. This provides an opportunity for students at Westbrook High School who want to pursue a higher education in electronics, electrical engineering or related technical communication fields.

    • Get on the Air

    • - HF
      - VHF-UHF
      - CW-Voice-Digital
      - Have fun and enjoy your license privileges.

    • On The Air

    • 145.290 Killingworth Repeater

    • Monday: CT ARES Net 7:45pm

    • Thursday: SKYWARN
      Weather Training Net
      7:00 pm

    • In Memoriam

    • This website is in honor of the many Club Members who are now Silent Keys (SK). It was a honor knowing and working with them.

    • They may be off the radio, but they will always be in our hearts….Vy 73’s de W1BCG