• Membership is for licensed, FCC Amateur Radio Operators who reside in lower Middlesex County in Connecticut or adjourning locations.

    Dues are collected yearly in January, valid for the year.

    For more information on joining the club, contact us at Shoreline ARC Email

  • Why Join the Club?

  • - Our repeaters are ‘open’ however costs occur will occur for preventive maintenance, repairs and/or upgrades.

    - Insurance Costs for equipment and liability policies.

    - We participate annually in June with the on air HF event called ‘Field Day’ and get together informally in December at local restaurant for good food and conversation.

    - Members receive email (approximately 3-4 times per month) pertaining to general ham radio activities and topics or matters relating to the club.

    - Hang Out with us over a cup of coffee and donut to talk about ham radio. We promise not to talk about aliments, politics or how to solve world problems.

  • Financial Donations

    At this time we do not accept equipment donations from the public. This includes antennas (on the ground or still erected), towers (on the ground or erected), old electronic equipment (i.e. tubes), etc. We are not licensed or certified to remove antennas/towers from any property. We appreciate your understanding.

    Financial donations are always welcomed. We are recognized as a 501(3)c organization.

    Please contact us at Shoreline ARC Email if you have any questions.