Disaster Shelter Information

  • COVID-19 Update Westbrook Disaster Shelter

  • Effective June 1, 2021
    Regardless if you are fully vaccinated or not vaccinated, if a town over night disaster shelter is announced all attendees are required to:
    - Be healthy
    - Required to wear a facial mask inside the building

    These new rules are effective immediately per the town’s Health and Emergency Management Directors.

    Residents are advised to have a plan to stay with family, friends, neighbors or go to a hotel. Any town shelter should be your LAST consideration.

    Westbrook Emergency Shelters
    Emergency Management works closely with the Board of Education throughout the year to ensure a school is ready for an emergency shelter. The Daisy Ingraham School at 105 Goodspeed Drive is our primary shelter.

    Do NOT automatically go to the school before, during or after a disaster. Different disasters dictate if the schools can or can not be used. Information will be posted via notifications through the CT Alert System, this website, and signs posted within the town.

    What do I bring to the shelter?
    Before we answer…do you have an alternate place to stay?….Family – Friends? Their home will be more comfortable to meet your needs.

    A school shelter is a temporary building to house/feed those who do not have alternate solutions. It should not be your only solution. If needed, we are here to help.

    The town has a limited amount of cots and blankets. You are recommended to bring sleeping bags, pillows, medication (for at least 5-7 days), cell phone chargers, laptops/chargers, change of clothes, towels and personal hygiene items. Items can easily be stored inside your vehicle. Leave valuable items locked inside your vehicle or at home. The Town of Westbrook is not responsible for lost or stolen property.

    Families with infants….don’t forget to bring infant formula and diapers/wipes for at least 5-7 days.

    We also recommend your bring reading material, games and other items to keep yourself occupied.

    Pets: Must be healthy, crated and leashed – no exceptions, along with water/food bowl for 5-7 days. A family pet is considered a dog or cat only. No other animal or reptile will be housed.The dog/cat must remain in the crate, in a separate room. Owners are encouraged to spend time with the animal and bring them outside for walks, fresh air and bathroom breaks. If you don’t have a crate, the dog/cat can remain inside your vehicle in the parking lot.

    Service Dog owners must also provide their own food and the dog must be leashed at all times with the party.

    Not Permitted inside the Shelter…..weapons, illegal drugs, alcoholic beverages or abusive behavior. Parents are responsible for their children at all times. No day care is provided. Remember, everyone must be respectful of each other.

    The picture below is a typical shelter, sleeping quarters. The sleep quarters are open dormitory style for POST DISASTER Shelter. Occupants in the room must remain quiet at all times. Usually at 10pm, its “Lights Out” (dim lighting only). If the shelter is used for a pre-storm weather event, occupants must congregate in the hallways until the storm has passed.

    Other rooms of the facility will be used for eating and general meetings. The shelter is reserved for those affected by the disaster. The media is NEVER permitted inside the facility.

    Those with medical conditions who can’t take care of themselves or don’t have a care giver will be redirected to a local hospital or other medical center to better meet their needs.

    When you enter the shelter, you will be greeted by staff, register your name and all occupants in your party. You will be provided with rules and other pertinent information.