Winter Weather Safety

  • Westbrook Town Ordinance

  • Sec. 11-47. – Street Parking During Storms.
    From November 1 to April 15, parking shall be prohibited upon town-maintained streets at all times during any snow or ice storm and for twenty-four (24) hours after the cessation of any snow or ice storm.

    Any vehicle parked in violation of this section, may be removed or conveyed by or under the direction of any member of the state police or town police officer by means of towing or otherwise. Said removal shall be at the risk of the owner. The owner or person in charge of said vehicle shall be permitted to remove the vehicle upon the payment of reasonable towing and storage charges.

    (Ord. of 10-30-03)

  • Snow Removal Plans

  • Residents are encourage to have snow removal plans in place prior to any forecast snow. This includes self removal, hiring a contractor or utilizing other sources.

    Use caution if using any snow throwing devices, following all manufacture specifications.

  • Common Winter Weather Terms used by the National Weather Service

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  • For a complete list of suggested recommendations for you, your family and pets go to WINTER WEATHER SAFETY

  • Winter Weather Planning Considerations