Low Power AM Radio Stations

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  • Emergency Management has two, portable low power AM radio stations. The stations are licensed by the FCC for broadcasting emergency and non-emergency information, located on 1630 AM and 1640 AM.

  • The AM radio stations will be used for POSTDISASTER information for our residents and businesses. Broadcast information could include the status of power restorations, road closures, hazardous conditions and other related topics.

    In addition, the station(s) can be used for civic events that results in road closures and event information.

  • Emergency Management will notify you when the station(s) are deployed and broadcasting

    - Orange Road Signs in the immediate area
    - If Appropriate > Reverse 911 Messages

    The station(s) are currently OFF THE AIR

  • We recommend you program your car’s AM/FM radio, saving 1630 AM and 1640 AM into the memory, for easy retrieval.

    Depending where we deploy the portable broadcast station(s), many residents will have the opportunity to listen to the information from inside their homes. We recommend you have a good, quality AM/FM radio as part of your disaster preparedness kit, along with extra batteries.