Hurricane 101 / Evacuation

  • Understanding Tropical Storm/Hurricane Forecast Maps

  • Click on the video Reading NHC Storm Map from the National Hurricane Center (NHC). You will learn the simple, yet important information when a forecast is issued relating to a Tropical Storm or Hurricane. Many people misunderstand the ‘storm path cone’ when they are distributed to the public.

  • Westbrook Evacuation Areas

  • Westbrook residents are encouraged to review the enclosed map WB Hurricane Evacuation Areas

    The map provides areas that are prone to storm surge and flooding due to a Hurricane Category 1 (+). Ensure you have plans in place to travel to a safe location with family and friends at least 12-24 hours prior to the hurricane’s landfall.

  • Visitors – Seasonal Guests – Seasonal Residents

  • Tropical Storms and hurricanes present Westbrook and the surrounding towns with no power for many days; typically 3 – 12 days.

    Unfortunately businesses are forced closed:
    - Restaurants / Coffee Shops
    - Gas Stations
    - ATM / Banks
    - Grocery Stores and other retail outlets

    In addition many temporary guests don’t have their emergency supplies and plans with them. We highly recommend if you fall into this category then you need to temporarily EVACUATE and return to your residence. Staying in Westbrook can be dangerous based upon your location. During high sustained winds of 45 mph or more, many emergency services are suspended as its not safe for the police, fire, and ambulance to be on the road. Their service chiefs determine when its safe to stop/resume service to the community.

  • What is Storm Surge

  • Hurricane Wind Speeds – Residential Home

  • Boater Safety